Blog Content // January 23, 2018

We often use images of floating on water and looking out over the broad horizon in our GYROKINESIS® classes, but Gyrokinesis Trainer Maya Ileto had an opportunity to make those visualizations a reality with some enthusiastic new students aboard the Ocean Dream.

By Maya Ileto (Malaya)

I just returned from nine days teaching Gyrokinesis on a cruise ship! The ship had 1,200 Japanese passengers and traveled over the New Year holidays from Yokohama to Taiwan, then Okinawa before returning to base.

I was invited to join as a guest teacher and provide daily classes on board. As the ship was in relatively choppy waters at many points of the cruise, and 70% of the passengers were in their 60s and 70s, the fact that people could sit yet move their whole bodies made Gyrokinesis perfect!

There was so much interest in my classes that people lined up well before the doors opened and I had full classes everyday. People complained that they couldn’t get in despite lining up, so I added two special classes in the ship’s theater-type spaces to accommodate more, with 120 in my biggest one!

Seeing 120 people open their hearts with big smiles on their faces in unison gave me goosebumps. So powerful. I almost cried!


For more information about Maya and her work, you can visit her website or find her on Facebook.

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