Malaya Ileto


Malaya Ileto, a.k.a. Maya, is a Certified GYROKINESIS® pre-trainer and GYROTONIC® trainer (Pulley Tower, Archway, Leg Extension Unit) based in Tokyo, Japan. She teaches in both English and Japanese at Studio Natural Flow, Under The Light Yoga School, Gold’s Gym, Tleubaev Ballet School and De Parc Ballet School. She also leads Gyrokinesis retreats in Shimoda and teaches Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) to adult beginners and children. In her spare time, Maya trains in aerial hoop, and wonders if it’s too late to join a circus. 


My Qualifications

  • GYROTONIC® Apprentice
  • GYROKINESIS® Apprentice
  • GYROKINESIS® Trainer
  • GYROKINESIS® Pre-Trainer

My Training

  • GYROTONIC® Level 1 Pre-Training Course
  • GYROTONIC® Level 1 Foundation Course
  • GYROKINESIS® Level 1 Pre-Training Course
  • GYROKINESIS® Level 1 Foundation Course
  • GYROKINESIS® Level 1 Final Certificate Course
  • GYROTONIC® Archway Level 1 Course
  • GYROTONIC® Jumping-Stretching Board Course
  • GYROTONIC® Leg Extension Unit Course
  • GYROKINESIS® Level 2 Beginner Course
  • GYROKINESIS® Level 2 Course
  • GYROKINESIS® Rejuvenation Course
  • GYROKINESIS® Pre-Trainer Update Course

Teacher Training Course Schedule

No training events scheduled at this time.
“The ultimate aim is to be at home in one’s body, to be at one with the nature of oneself, and to experience exercise as a creative and delightful experience.”
– Juliu Horvath