Specialized Course Highlight: GYROTONIC® Principles In the Context of Osteopathy

Blog Content Education // August 24, 2016

The “GYROTONIC® Principles In the Context of Osteopathy” course is conducted by GYROTONIC®and GYROKINESIS® Master Trainer Sylvia Frosali. For more information about this course, including a list of currently offered times and locations, please visit our Specialized Courses page.

What inspired you to develop this course?
For the first Gyrotonic Symposium in 2006, I was asked to prepare a lecture in which to propose a look at the Gyrotonic Method from an osteopathic point of view. For me, this was a great opportunity to put into words the experiences and thoughts I had gathered during my years of work as a therapist.

After the lecture, I was asked by several people if I would be offering a workshop about this topic. So, the first idea about a workshop was born.


Photo provided by Silvia Frosali

Who is this course intended for, and why should someone take the course?
This course is open to all Gyrotonic trainers who might also be therapists and body workers from any other background. This course is also appropriate for Gyrotonic trainers who have no experience in the medical field, like ballet dancers and athletes.


Photo provided by Sylvia Frosali

Client Testimonial
“I was very happy to invite Silvia Frosali to teach this course at my studio. We were able to reach and motivate 14 Gyrotonic Trainers to attend the course.

Silvia’s course has been excellent, and the response from all the participants was very positive. She is very well prepared, uses easy language for anyone to understand the material, and she´s very clear on how to put the material into action. Sylvia also gave us opportunity for personal, practical experience with the course material.

The theory is important, but for us trainers it is most important to know how to bring the material into practical action with our clients. This aspect, Silvia instructed very well. There are simple exercises with clear and direct information. This is the key for a successful work. I can definitely confirm this is in Silvia’s work.

The GYROTONIC® Principles In the Context of Osteopathy is definitely a good choice as an update, or just for our knowledge as trainers. I will for sure pass the word on to other colleagues!”

Laura Virgillto
Gyrokinesis Master Traienr in Cologne, Germany

For more information about the GYROTONIC® Principles in the Context of Osteopathy course, please visit our Specialized Courses page.

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