Specialized Course Highlight: GYROTONIC® Applications of the Fascial Body

Blog Content Education // August 27, 2016

Conducted by GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Master Trainer, Irene Rampino

Irene Rampino, MSPT
Email: irampino@yahoo.com
Tel: 225-405-0111

What inspired you to develop this course?
The inspiration for this course developed out of the time I spent with Juliu Horvath working on developmental and fascial movement patterning. It was an organic process of developing conceptual ideas & models which are evident in, and shared by, the Gyrotonic syllabus and fascia research.

Photos provided by Irene Rampino

Photos provided by Irene Rampino

Who is this course intended for, and why should someone take the course?
This course is for any level teacher who has an interest in myofascial expansions, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, developmental patterning, and the art of observation. The aim of the course is to facilitate a deeper understanding of a fluid model of the body, teaching students to form connections between physical efforts and fascial biomechanical properties.

Client Testimonial
The first time I taught this course was in London. At the end of the course, as I was on my way to the airport, I received a text from a teacher who excitedly related her experience on seeing her son in a totally new way. He had been playing with friends in the pool, and she reported that for the first time she truly observed the fascial body in action.

For more information about the GYROTONIC® Applications of the Fascial Body course, including a list of currently offered times and locations for this course, please visit our Specialized Courses page.

To inquire about hosting this course at your studio, please contact Irene Rampino at irampino@yahoo.com.

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