World-Class Badminton Player Chou Tien Chen on the GYROTONIC® Method

Blog Content Interviews // July 25, 2019

Chou Tien Chen is a world-class badminton player from Taiwan, representing Chinese Taipei. He currently is ranked #3 in the Badminton World Federation (BWF) world rankings for men’s singles. He is also a silver-medalist at the 2018 Asian Games and the winner of men’s singles in the Indonesia Open 2019.

We recently connected with his Gyrotonic Trainer, Chin-Shan Hsieh, and asked if she could help facilitate/translate a written interview with Mr. Chou about his experience with the Gyrotonic Method. We are excited to share his comments with our community!

World-class badminton player Chou Tien Chen shares how he trains with the GYROTONIC® Method

Photo provided by Chou Tien Chen

How did you find the Gyrotonic Method?

My physical therapist introduced me to the Gyrotonic work. She believed the method would be a great help to my badminton performance.

How has this system affected your pre-game workouts?

The Gyrotonic work has a lot of spiral motion that helps me find a fascia connection. When I practice the Gyrotonic Method, I feel like my proprioception is fully turned on. My pre-game warm-up is more effective and my defense on the court is better.

What benefits have you discovered in your post-game recovery?

Because badminton is a sport that trains the body unilaterally, my body tends to get uneven. Gyrotonic exercises help me to correct the imbalance and gain more stabilization.

Can you give an example of specific exercise sequences that you find especially helpful?

I love the Arch & Curl in the handle work. The sequence helps mobilize my thoracic spine and free my scapulars. I learn to create more space in my joints when I move. I can also better utilize my shoulders and arm movements, especially when I play. It really helps me to move faster and hit the ball the way I want it.

Photo provided by Chou Tien Chen

What message do you have for other athletes who may be looking at this movement practice to add to their training? Why would it be helpful across other sports?

What I would like to share is that the Gyrotonic Method guides you to explore more possibilities in your body, from little muscles you have never known existed to new ways of moving the body. This work creates greater potential in performance on the court.

I have experienced many different kinds of movement methods. The Gyrotonic Method holds a very unique place in my training. Not only does it broaden my horizons on the court, it also helps me to understand my own body better. In particular, I’ve learned how to “spiral,” which is essential in badminton playing.

I have practiced this work for years, and it helps me to stay healthy and injury free. I hope to study Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis more and get a deeper understanding of the work. God bless you all.


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