Specialized Course Highlight: GYROTONIC® Applications for Martial Arts

Blog Content Education // September 15, 2016

Conducted by GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Master Trainer, Billy Macagnone

Gyrotonic fo martial arts

Photo provided by Billy Macagnone

Billy Macagnone
Owner, Body Evolution Studio, NYC
Email: bodyevolutions@aol.com
Tel: (212) 375-0430

What inspired you to develop this course?
I had been doing martial arts for 15 years prior to starting the Gyrotonic Method. After years of training, teaching and competing nationally and internationally, my body was starting to feel the impacts of all the hard core methods I was using to get better. Japanese karate is what’s called a “hard style,” compared to a soft style like Tai chi or Chi Kung. That method of improvement is very taxing on the body.

When I started practicing the Gyrotonic Method, I felt a profound change in the way I was executing movements. They would flow much easier, and I was working much more efficiently. All my technical ability went thru the roof!

It was really an awakening for me as to what allowed me to move more freely, not only as a martial artist, but also in all daily activities moving through life. I knew this needed to permeate the martial arts community, because so many martial artists I know are suffering as a result of their training.

Who is this course intended for, and why should someone take the course?
Actually, this course is for everyone. The principles of the Gyrotonic Method are very much incorporated in the course, so you will enhance your understandings of Juliu’s work.

In addition, anyone who wants to experience the power and strength to be harnessed as a martial artist will find this. Principles of grounding, moving in stances, breathing and being able to move in a martial way can be very empowering for people, especially if they have never done martial arts before.

Naturally, anyone who is doing martial arts as a practice can learn specific exercises to be used with the Gyrotonic Pulley Tower to enhance their techniques.

Gyrotonic for martial arts

Photo provided by Billy Macagnone

Client Testimonial
I have had many students benefit from this work, but one that comes to mind is one of my long-time teachers in karate named Shihan William Best. He has been doing martial arts for more the 40 years, and before he came to me he had been experiencing different types of joint pain from his years of training.

After starting this work, he was not only feeling much better in his body and enjoying his training in karate more, but he then went on to become a Gyrotonic teacher and started sharing the work with others.

To me, that is the ultimate reward: taking this gift and giving it to others.


For more information about the GYROTONIC® Applications for Martial Arts course, including a list of currently offered times and locations, go to Specialized Courses.

To inquire about hosting this course at your studio, contact Billy Macagnone at bodyevolutions@aol.com

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  1. Eduardo says:

    Vorrei più informazioni sul corso

    1. Cina Canada says:

      Ottimo, Eduardo! Puoi trovare maggiori informazioni su questo corso contattando Billy direttamente a: bodyevolutions@aol.com. Puoi anche cercare date e locaitons imminenti su https://www.gyrotonic.com/teacher-training/.

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