The GYROTONIC® Interview Series: With Professional Diver, Melanie Rinaldi

Interviews // June 12, 2017

Melanie is a former olympic-level athlete. She is a two-time national champion, four-ime international medalist, and 2009 ACC Athlete of the Year and MVP, competing at a top international level in the sport of springboard and platform diving.

For 20 years, she trained full-time to maintain her status on Canada’s national team, at one point ranking 4th in the world. The demands on her body lead to 3 reconstructive surgeries (knee & shoulder) as well as a rigid thoracic, compressed low back and hip. She discovered the Gyrotonic Method and immediately saw an improvement in the movement of her spine and joints. She then introduced it into her training regimen as a method of wellness and rehabilitation. Watch to learn more about the ways in which this method transformed her training, her scores and launched her to an international medal.

Part 1 – Interview with Melanie Rinaldi

Part 2 – Gyrotonic Master Trainer, Angela Crowley, working with Melanie on the Gyrotonic equipment

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