Part 2: A Conversation With Juliu Horvath, Creator and Founder of the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®

Blog Content Interviews // February 28, 2017

Note: This is Part 2 of a recent conversation with Juliu. You can read Part 1 in the blog archives.

When we left the conversation, Juliu and I were discussing why new “awareness,” comes at a particular time. The interview continues here…

CINA: Do you think these manifestations continue to happen, direct to people?

JULIU: Of course, of course. Don’t you see in technology, how much it changes? That is the same thing; why now, why not before, why not a hundred years ago, or two hundred years ago, did they discover the cell phone and other things? It’s because people are ready, now. They were not ready, before.

CINA: Okay, so what exactly is this system that you have developed?

JULIU: It’s a mirror of what nature wanted me to do, and because it wanted what is good for me, maybe it was good for many others, too. It’s a system to create wellbeing for you, or for those who are ready to perceive it. What’s the meaning of cooking a cake?

CINA: To enjoy the cake.

JULIU: Yes, so this is, also. Why do you make a juice? To drink it, right? For you, and maybe for others as well.

Life is so simple. Everybody is looking for answers, but in the wrong way. That’s why I’m giving you this kind of simple answer. Why cook? Why not cook? Why do you put clothes on? What prompted a hole in the neck? Because it was needed. That’s how the body is; it needs to go through a hole to be covered on the shoulders.

So, the movements are created according to your body, according to how we have it; we have two arms, two legs and a head. They should all move freely and openly, but not everyone is doing it. As age progresses, everybody becomes stiffer. So, we bring this freedom back to the body, to be new.

CINA: What else are you thinking about these days?

JULIU: I don’t think unless I’m asked. Unless something comes to me. This is how the whole thing came to me:  because I had some urges, and I was sitting and waiting, and it came.

So, do I think? No, I don’t. I only think if you ask me a question. Then I start thinking of that. Otherwise, why would I think ahead of myself?

CINA: Have you had any recent inspirations?

JULIU: Of course, I have. Of course. It’s like… you know, those things that could never be explained through words, they explained them through symbols. Unless you can perceive the symbols, and decipher them through your perception, you’ll never know what they mean and why they mean it.

The same is like Buddha. When he was speaking, he made gestures of symbols with his hands, and people were like, “What the hell…?” Not the hell! It is something that is very important, but only your experience is going to describe what it is.

CINA: You don’t think there is language for those symbols?

JULIU: No, because that language and those feelings… well, you can go in a roundabout way, but you can’t really explain these things; you can get the gist of it, because you feel something sublime happening.

When you see a picture of a Buddha, you know that it is something different. It’s not like when people go under the water for a picture and make the “o.k.” sign. It’s very different when a Buddha makes this sign with the hand, and very different when a yogi sitting does it. Anyone can sit like that, now, but to them it did not happen as an internal message. Only to Buddha has it happened.

CINA: Speaking of yoga, is the “yoga” breath different from what we do?

JULIU: What do you mean by “yoga” breath? You have one breath in the body, not many. There is no yoga breath, or this kind of breath. Your breath is your life. For everybody, the breath is your life force. Without the right breathing, the body’s breath is in chaos. If you are emotional, your breath is moving differently, and every emotion, every mindset, creates a different movement in your breathing patterns, and these can be not health giving.

It is only health giving, the breathing, when you are, again, in a neutral place, like a grandmother sitting in a chair, rocking and doing nothing. Everything is settled, everything is set, and the breath is moving. Now, that is a healthy breath. That is a slow breathing. Everything settles down.

But if underneath, you are a piece of shit, and it’s dry, and you put water on it and stir it, what happens? It stinks. Every body is stinking inside. Everybody has these negative experiences that have settled, so sitting there is a poison, waiting to attack some part of your body when you are vulnerable and weak.

So, what is “yoga” breathing doing? It’s a technique to stir up in the beginning, eliminate the unnecessary, and put into balance what remains.

CINA: It’s the same as what we do, then?

JULIU: Of course. But it didn’t come to me with the name, “yoga.” It came to me as an experience. I called it Gyrokinesis and Gyrotonic, because it didn’t come from another person who has named it yoga and then I learned it from them. I learned it from me, from nature and from personal experience. It came to me through so many experiences, not just one refined form of it.

I saw how my breath was moving when my emotion was moving, or when I was running. I saw how my breath was moving when I was running desperately, or when I was running calmly, when I exercised with a calmness, or when I was agitated inside. Or when I was focused, I saw how my breath was stopping and not moving.

All of these different things, I recorded them and later made sense of it all. I know that everybody’s makeup is the same, at this point. Your stomach is in the same place as my stomach, your heart is where my heart is, your lung is where my lung is. I know the functions of those are the same for me as they are for you.

So, I knew that when I could create the balance for myself with these particular modalities, it will do the same thing in you. That’s how medicine and everything else is working. They can see when it has worked positively on 10 or 20 people, it means it can work positively on a hundred people. On person one hundred and one, it might not.

CINA: Do you still feel connected to those original experiences?

JULIU: I am still alive, I’m still experiencing things. As I speak, I am experiencing, as I gesticulate, I am experiencing. Why? Because I am conscious, I am aware of what’s going on and what’s happening in me, exactly through this breathing, conscious breathing and conscious exercising. My body is already conscious, everywhere.So, how can you not experience it?

Most people experience nothing because they are not there to experience it. Breathing just happens to them, everything is on a mechanical level, but they are not a real participant and an observer. Even when they are engrossed in something deeply, they are still not observing what’s happening. They are just victims. I am not a victim, I am fully experiencing the phenomenon.

CINA: Is that why we call this “intelligent” movement?

JULIU: That’s exactly why. I told you, we are giving it a direction, a purposeful direction, and it is not connected to performance. It’s not a sport. It is towards balance, truth, beauty and harmony.

If that is not good enough, if you are searching for something else, excitement or thrill or something like that, then maybe this is not for you; although, it might give you those things through the sensation of calm.

But for some people, the only thrill is when they go and do something like this show, when they are jumping around… the Ninja Warrior. For others, only real war is going to give them a thrill, and for others it may be boxing, or wrestling, or whatever.

Whatever your thrill is, if that is what you need, you might not want this. This is not an outward excitement; although, it’s capable to take you there, if that’s your purpose. I can torture your body so much you won’t remember your name, for years! But I don’t want to go there; I want you to remember your name at every moment.

CINA: Okay, on that note, I think we can wrap up. Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me.


Cina Canada
Cina Canada is a GYROTONIC® Trainer and the Media Coordinator for GYROTONIC® International Headquarters.