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Leslie Plummer, a native New Mexican, learned classical ballet from Patricia Dickinson-Wells and performed with New Mexico Ballet Company.  She furthered her education at summer intensives with ABT and the Ailey School.  Leslie received her B.A. in Dance from the University of New Mexico.  Leslie performed with Oui Danse under Artistic Director, Brice Mousset.  Leslie is a freelance dancer working in film and dance projects and assisting Jon Ole Olstad for creative projects.  Leslie trained with Caroline Brethenoux and Sebastian Plettenberg to receive her education in GYROKINESIS®, and with Paula Ann Rivera and Chantal Deeble for GYROTONIC®.  Leslie is a certified GYROKINESIS® and GYROTONIC® trainer who taught in NYC at Kinespirit Riverside, Steps on Broadway, Chelsea Movements, and Union Square GYROTONIC®.  Currently, Leslie teaches at The Movement Lab in Albuquerque, NM.

My Qualifications

  • GYROTONIC® Apprentice
  • GYROTONIC® Trainer
  • GYROTONIC® Pre-Trainer
  • GYROKINESIS® Apprentice
  • GYROKINESIS® Trainer
  • GYROKINESIS® Pre-Trainer

My Training

  • GYROTONIC® Level 1 Pre-Training Course
  • GYROTONIC® Level 1 Foundation Course
  • GYROTONIC® Level 1 Final Certificate Course
  • GYROKINESIS® Level 1 Pre-Training Course
  • GYROKINESIS® Level 1 Foundation Course
  • GYROKINESIS® Level 1 Final Certificate Course
  • GYROTONIC® Level 2, Program 2 Pre-Training Course
  • GYROTONIC® Level 2, Program 2 Course
  • GYROTONIC® Level 1 Update Course
  • GYROTONIC® Jumping-Stretching Board Course
  • GYROKINESIS® Lotus Blossom, Program 1 Course
  • GYROTONIC® Pre-Trainer Update Course
  • GYROKINESIS® Pre-Trainer Update Course
  • GYROTONER® Course- 6 days (legacy)
  • GYROTONER® Program 1 Course
  • GYROTONER® Program 2 Course
  • GYROKINESIS® Cardiovascular Breathing Course- Progression 1
  • GYROKINESIS® Cardiovascular Breathing Course- Progression 2

Teacher Training Course Schedule

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“The ultimate aim is to be at home in one’s body, to be at one with the nature of oneself, and to experience exercise as a creative and delightful experience.”
– Juliu Horvath