Silvia Frosali


Silvia  studied dance at the Hamlyn School in Florence and at the Royal Ballet School in London.


She worked as a professional dancer at the ATERballetto in Reggio Emilia with Amedeo Amodio , at the Stadt Opern in Bonn with Peter Van Dyck and the Theâtre


Chorégraphique de Rennes (France) with Gigi Caciuleanu  .


She then became massage therapist with the idea to specialise in medical problems of dancers .


Towards the end of the eighties she met Juliu Horvath and started getting more and more interest in the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM ® .


In 1992 she moved to Germany where she worked first  in a big centre for sports rehabilitation, then in a specialised centre for Performing Arts Medicine as a physical therapist and GYROTONIC® teacher. She was teaching GYROKINESIS® at the Tanzaccademy in Cologne . In 1998 she began her studies in Osteopathy at the International Academy of Osteopathy ( IAO ) and started her collaboration with TAMED ( Tanz Medizin Deutschland ).


Since 2004 she lives in Florence ( Italy )  where she currently works as a Specialized Master Trainer in Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis and as an Osteopath D.O. in the studio Gyrotonic-Firenze .


 She have developed and taught in different countries the course GYROTONIC® Principles in the context of Ostepathy, approved by Juliu Horvath and open to first level Gyrotonic Teachers. Since 2011 I’m Gyrokinesis Specialized Master Trainer which allows me to teach the Gyrokinesis final certification courses.

My Qualifications

  • GYROTONIC® Apprentice
  • GYROTONIC® Trainer
  • GYROTONIC® Pre-Trainer
  • GYROTONIC® Master Trainer
  • GYROTONIC® L2, Pre-Training, Program 2 Master Trainer
  • GYROTONIC® L2, Pre-Training, Program 1 Master Trainer
  • GYROTONIC® L2, Foundation, Program 2 Master Trainer
  • GYROTONIC® L2, Foundation, Program 1 Master Trainer
  • GYROTONIC® Specialized Master Trainer
  • GYROTONIC® Level 1 with Music Master Trainer
  • GYROKINESIS® Pre-Trainer
  • GYROKINESIS® Master Trainer
  • GYROKINESIS® Level 2 Beginner Master Trainer
  • GYROKINESIS® Specialized Master Trainer
  • GYROKINESIS® Lotus Blossom, Level 1 Master Trainer
  • GYROKINESIS® Lotus Blossom, Level 2 Master Trainer
  • GYROKINESIS® Happy Moves Master Trainer
  • GYROKINESIS® Breathing Course Intensive Master Trainer
  • GYROKINESIS® Final Certificate Course Master Trainer
  • GYROKINESIS® Trainer

My Training

  • GYROTONIC® Level 1 Foundation Course
  • GYROTONIC® Level 1 as a Musical Journey
  • GYROTONIC® Jumping-Stretching Board Course
  • GYROKINESIS® Breathing Course Intensive
  • GYROKINESIS® Level 2 Beginner Course
  • GYROKINESIS® Level 2 Course
  • GYROKINESIS® Happy Moves Course
  • GYROKINESIS® Lotus Blossom, Program 1 Course
  • GYROKINESIS® Lotus Blossom, Program 2 Course
  • GYROKINESIS® Rejuvenation Course
  • Gyrotonic Level 2 Course (legacy)
  • Gyrotonic Level 2 Pre-Training Course (legacy)
  • GYROKINESIS® Breathing Course Experience with Juliu Horvath
  • GYROKINESIS® Essentials
  • GYROTONER® Program 1 Course
  • GYROKINESIS® Cardiovascular Breathing Course- Progression 1

Virtual Class Schedule

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“The ultimate aim is to be at home in one’s body, to be at one with the nature of oneself, and to experience exercise as a creative and delightful experience.”
– Juliu Horvath