How it Works

The code automatically adds the registered mark (®) and Times New Roman font to all occurrences of our trademarks on your site. By copying and pasting the code snippet onto your website, it will automatically scan the content of your page and replace each trademark after the page has loaded.

All trademark words must be in all-caps to be detected.



Step 1: Copy the code snippet

<script async src=""></script>

Step 2: Add it to your site

Use the links below to find your website host’s instructions on adding custom code to your website:

Unfortunately, the following website hosts do not support custom code:

  • Google Sites

Step 3: Test it out

Go to a page on your website that has a trademark on it and make sure it’s working. If it isn’t, try clearing your cache or check using a different browser.

Step 4: Send your website to headquarters for trademark review & approval

Please email your website to Gyrotonic Headquarters for trademark review and approval, send to

  • My website host isn’t in the instructions list above.

    Please contact us and we will provide direction.

  • I put the code on my website, but it’s not working.

    Make sure the trademarks are ALL CAPS in your website copy. For example, it won’t detect “Gyrotonic” but “GYROTONIC” should be detected without issue. You do not need to include the Registered (®) symbol as it will be added for you.

  • I’m have another issue that isn’t listed here.

    Please contact us and we will provide assistance.