GYROTONIC® St. Louis Central

We have recently moved to a beautiful new studio at 645 Hanley Ind Ct, Brentwood Mo, 63144

We are excited to have 6200 square feet of space, with multiple disciplines involved.

We are the premier GYROTONIC studio in St. Louis, Missouri.

Please come visit us anytime!

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645 Hanley Industrial Court
St. Louis, Missouri 63144
United States

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8 GYROTONIC® Pulley Tower
1 GYROTONIC® Jumping Stretching Board
1 GYROTONIC® Leg Extension Unit
1 Ladder
2 Archway

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“The ultimate aim is to be at home in one’s body, to be at one with the nature of oneself, and to experience exercise as a creative and delightful experience.”
– Juliu Horvath