Phoenix GYROTONIC® at Kinesphere

Phoenix GYROTONIC(R) is committed to upholding the higest standards in teaching of the GYROTONIC methodology. Housed within Kinesphere Center for Movement Education, Phoenix GYROTONIC offers all aspects of Level I GYROTONIC education, GYROTONER(R) Teacher Training, and GYROKINESIS(R) Pre-Training with a focus on personal embodiment, understanding how the body moves and why, and clarifying the systematic approach of movement progressions.  

Additionally, as a movement education center, we regularly host continuing education courses for the GYROTONIC system as well as other somatic based practices.

4144 North 44th Street
Suite 4
Phoenix, Arizona 85018
United States

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3 GYROTONIC® Pulley Tower
1 GYROTONIC® Jumping Stretching Board
0 GYROTONIC® Leg Extension Unit
0 Ladder