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The Ultima model of the Gyrotonic Pulley Tower Unit has been a standard in Gyrotonic studios across the world and is often the first piece of equipment Trainers purchase. The Ultima provides smooth, consistent resistance, giving optimal support and feedback to joints and connective tissue.

The Ultima is engineered and assembled in Germany by a manufacturer exclusively dedicated to making Gyrotonic equipment:

  • The Ultima is made from a high-quality Baltic birch wood frame designed to stand up to the varying torque and load that Gyrotonic equipment is subjected to in a commercial setting.
  • All materials and components are sourced in Germany, and all moving joints are specially engineered to move fluidly while maintaining optimum stability over a lifetime of use.


To use this machine with clients in a professional setting or studio, one must complete the Gyrotonic Foundation Course and obtain the proper training and licensing. View the Gyrotonic L1 Teacher Training Program.

You can book a private session on the Pulley Tower by contacting a studio in your area.

Key Features

  • Adjustable bench and rotating Handle Unit can be customized to the user
  • Cam lock adjustment on Handle Unit allow for quick and easy rotating arm length adjustment
  • Standard Level 1 & Level 2 Handle Unit settings
  • Seated position for Handle Unit: with straddling the bench
  • High, Medium, and Low pulley settings
  • Adjustable, removable backrest is provided for Upper Body Series and others

Approximate dimensions for GYROTONIC® Ultima


  • Length:1654 mm / 65.1 in.
  • Width: 595 mm / 23.4 in.
  • Max Height: 615 mm / 24.2 in.
  • Min Height:530 mm / 20.9 in.


  • Length: 1174 mm / 46.2 in.
  • Width:  1906 mm / 75 in.
  • Height: 1989 mm / 78.3 in.