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Opening and Strengthening the Thoracic Spine Through the Hands

TRAINER Emma Kingston

TIME 54 Minutes


Licensed GYROTONIC® Trainer

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In this video, Emma Kingston introduces some basic hand-opening exercises from her 3-day specialized course, "GYROTONIC® Applications for the Hands and Feet," and uses these during a Gyrotonic session with her client, Laura.

Clients often express discomfort with some of our classic weight-bearing positions because of mobility in their wrists. Opening the hands helps alleviate that discomfort so they can better perform the exercises that strengthen their bodies.

What you'll learn:

By watching this class, you will learn how different hand positions can alleviate weakness, tightness and discomfort in the upper body. 

You will also learn how improving the function of the hands can increase range of motion in the shoulder joints and create more freedom and mobility in the thoracic spine.

Movement sequences covered in this class:

Handle Units
Strengthening the Upper Body on the Floor
Upper Body Openings and Final Integration


This video is subtitled in English. A full written transcript of the class is also available in the Resource Library of your Trainer account. Look for it in the GYROTONIC® Master Class folder.

Required Equipment & Props:

GYROTONIC® Pulley Tower

About the Presenter:

Master Trainer Emma Kingston has been teaching the Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis methods since 1999. She’s a mother of two, a musician, artist, massage therapist, and shamanic practitioner.

For those interested in diving deeper into working with the feet and also the hands, Emma offers a three-day specialized course, “GYROTONIC® Applications for Healing and Rejuvenating the Hands and Feet.”

In addition to her specialized hands and feet courses, Emma also conducts Gyrotonic L1 and L2 courses, Gyrotonic specialized equipment courses, and Gyrokinesis courses.

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