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Integrating the Wingmaster into a GYROTONIC® Level 1 Session

TRAINER Mike Luque

TIME 67 Minutes


Licensed GYROTONIC® Trainer

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In this class, Mike Luque demonstrates exercises from his GYROTONIC® Wingmaster course and how to integrate those exercises into any Gyrotonic session. Each of the settings present their own unique focus for strength and coordination, and understanding how they can fit within any workout on the Pulley Tower will help you foster ideas for using the Wingmaster with any client, no matter their conditioning or goals. You’ll learn how to use the Wingmaster for improving joint mechanics, upper body strengthening and core strength.

Required Equipment & Props:

GYROTONIC® Pulley Tower
GYROTONIC® Wingmaster
Recommended- GYROTONIC® Chair

About the Presenter:

Mike Luque has been a Gyrotonic practitioner for over 20 years and has been a certified trainer since 1999. Mike spent 12 years as a corrective bodywork therapist, and over a decade as a certified personal trainer. In developing the Wingmaster material, he kept his mind in all three worlds: how the work can help people recover from injury, surgery or deconditioning; how the Wingmaster can bring in more of the strengthening aspects of traditional personal training; and always keeping the work within the concepts and principles of Gyrotonic methodology.

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