GYROKINESIS® Legacy Series- Spinal Motions, Basics with the Standing Balancing Sequence


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Juliu Horvath’s working title of the first Gyrokinesis program on this video was “Quick Fix”, meaning that in a relatively short exercise sequence one could effectively stimulate and articulate the spine in all of its various planes of movement while employing corresponding breathing patterns.

Because the spine is the central structure of all movement and nerve and chi function throughout the body, the proper title became clear- Basics, with the Standing Balancing Sequence, and this Program forms part of the Spinal Motions Series. It is these same essential movements that also form the foundation for exercises performed on Gyrotonic equipment. Included on this video is the Standing Balancing Sequence which adds a cardiovascular component to the program.

Key Features

  • Approximate time of Spinal Motions, Basic: 12 minutes.
  • Approximate time of the Standing Balancing Sequence: 9 minutes.
  • An interview of Juliu Horvath is also included.