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A GYROKINESIS® Class on the Chair for Every Body: Simpler, Smaller, Slower

TRAINER Gina Muensterkoetter

TIME 116 minutes


GYROKINESIS® Trainer with a valid tm license

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GYROKINESIS® Trainer Gina Muensterkoetter guides you through movement sequences that focus on the decompression of the lumbar spine and the integration of this newfound freedom into an improved uprightness of the entire spine.

In this class, Gina uses material from her specialized course, "GYROKINESIS® Essentials: A Journey of Spinal Motions Towards Level 1."

What you will learn:

Learn how to use mini sequences and layering to find the individual movement comfort zone and increase the range of motion in a gentle, consistent way.

Learn how to use pulsations to achieve decompression and uprightness in the spine.

How you can use this material in your client sessions:

This simplified, systematic approach to a Gyrokinesis class is suitable for beginners, for clients who need a more therapeutic approach, for clients who favor the chair over floor exercises and for experienced clients who wish to revisit the healing power of the Gyrokinesis principles with ease and comfort.

This class format is useful as a private session, a group class or as a preparation for a class on any of the GYROTONIC® equipment.

Required Equipment & Props:


About the Presenter:

Beate Gina Muensterkoetter began studying with Juliu Horvath in 1993 in New York City. She received permission to open the first Gyrotonic studio for orthopedic rehabilitation in Germany.

The Gyrotonic Method bridges the two worlds that Gina experienced extensively. She was a professional athlete for 15 years, including being a member of the German national team, and she holds a university diploma in sports science with a specialization in preventative and rehabilitation medicine.

For many years, Gina successfully treated therapeutic clients using the Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis Methods. Both methods also contributed significantly to her success as a state coach for a professional athletic team.

Since 1998, she has assisted Juliu Horvath in the development of the educational structure of his methods.

Gina also teaches the specialized course, "GYROKINESIS® Essentials: A Journey of Spinal Motions Towards Level 1." She finds it an honor and joy to present this course to a broad spectrum of people, from the one in need of a more therapeutic approach to the one who seeks improvement in the professional sports arena. The Gyrokinesis Essentials are a key for every body to open the doors to the potential of the Gyrokinesis Method.

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