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Athletic Conditioning with the GYROTONIC® Method: A Full-Body Tune-Up

TRAINER Angela Crowley

TIME 55 Minutes


Licensed Gyrotonic Trainer

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In this master class, Gyrotonic Master Trainer Angela Crowley takes strategies from her 3-day "GYROTONIC® Applications for High Level Athletes" course and uses them in a Gyrotonic studio session with her client, Evan.

Evan has a background in elite tennis, is a runner, and travels a lot for work. The objectives of the session are to help him unwind his body from traveling fatigue and tightness and tune him up for his tennis and running activities. Angela also works with Evan to improve his athletic technique while providing support and comfort in his back.

By watching this class, you will learn how to become more adept at fulfilling the needs of an athlete in a Gyrotonic session. You will also learn how to meet the needs of experienced clients who are ready for a more physically challenging session.

Movement sequences covered in this 55-minute class:

Hamstrings (1:56 - 12:17)
Standing Arch and Curl (12:25 - 21:07)
Progressive Abdominals (21:13 - 27:49)
Sideways Arch (27:57 - 30:26)
Upper Body Openings (30:35 - 36:02)
Back Leg Pushing Off (36:09 - 40:38)
Trunk Rotation with Balance (40:46 - 44:41)
Powering Upper Body in Kneeling (44:47 - 53:48)


This video is subtitled in English. A full written transcript of the class is also available in the Resource Library of your Trainer account. Look for it in the GYROTONIC® Master Class folder.

Required Equipment & Props:

GYROTONIC® Pulley Tower
Optional: Mat, yoga blog, towel, knee pads

About the Presenter:

Angela Crowley began studying the GYROTONIC® Method with Juliu Horvath in New York while he was still making machines by hand and teaching in the studio himself. Angela grew up as an elite gymnast who later became a dancer until she was injured in a car accident. Juliu Horvath and the Gyrotonic Method helped to make her whole again.

Angela is also a licensed massage therapist and Feldenkrais® practitioner. She has worked with a wide range of athletes including an XTerra World Champion Triathlete, Olympic Divers, US Ultra distance Runners, and an Olympic pole vaulter. In Miami, she helped the University of Miami baseball team reduce shoulder injuries and she frequently trains dancers of Miami City Ballet. She loves expanding the world’s perspective of the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® and sports.

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