Due to Covid 19 related course interruptions, more than one year will elapse between my foundation course and the final certificate course. Can I get an extension?

// June 19, 2020

Due to pandemic related  course delays, 2018-2022 pre-training students and apprentices are eligible for special extension terms.  You can access those terms at this link: https://www.gyrotonic.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/Special-Extension-terms-2022-2023.pdf.

This document is also available in the resource library section of your trainer profile page on gyrotonic.com.

Those who took their foundation course prior to 2018 are required to re-enter the program from the beginning.  If you are been taking weekly classes with a licensed trainer, you may have the option to proceed directly to the foundation course.  Please contact Sarah Simpson at sarah@gyrotonic.com for details.